How Phrase Structure can help Machine Learning for Text Analysis

This post dives into one of the topics of a previous post "Machine Learning & Deep Linguistic Analysis in Text Analytics". We referred to the strong points of Machine Learning technology for...

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Insights from 140 characters: #Twitter #SentimentAnalysis

Searches about "sentiment analysis" are increasing, particularly related to Twitter. However not all the tools avaliable in the market can face the problem analyzing 140 characters. In this post... Read More

Case Study: Customer insights in minutes

Time flies for everyone — particularly while working. We always have the sensation of having much to do and not enough time to do it all. That is why it’s necessary to include in our daily routine...

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Uncover Business Critical Insights with Topic-based Sentiment Analysis

Last week’s post explored the differences between polarity and topic-based sentiment analysis (have a look here if you missed it). This post goes a step further, drilling down into a real data set...

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Differences between Polarity and Topic-based Sentiment Analysis

From a biz point of view, there is huge difference between plain polarity and topic-based sentiment analysis (also known as aspect-based sentiment analysis)

Why is polarity analysis by itself not...
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