What to expect from AI and Machine Learning in 2017

2016 has been a very successful year for Artificial Intelligence and for Machine Learning, however both fields have an incredible potential to grow, and that is what we expect to see in this newly...

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What happens when we combine Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence?

In the last two years, data seems to be everywhere – there is no one who hasn’t heard about “Big data”. However, the key is not how large your datasets are, but the quality of the information you...

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How AI can help retailers to WOW their customers during Christmas?

The increase of online shopping is not something new, from 5 years until now it has been growing exponentially and it is expected to keep doing it, after all around 41% of total population with...

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Healthcare chat bots: can they really be empathetic?

Two weeks ago, we talked about the possibility of using chat bots in the healthcare field and the topic was quite controversial. Will patients accept to be treated by Artificial Intelligence...

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Creating "Her": Artificial Intelligence is here!

Have you seen the movie “Her”? If you are not sure we will sumarize it in one sentence: a human falling in romantic love with a machine!  The film shows the relationship of Theodore, a lonely...

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