5 chatbot predictions for 2018

If you have been following our blog, you probably have noticed that this year we have been publishing a lot about chatbots. Indeed, most of the companies in the AI sector have done the same and it...

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Will sentiment analysis help my business to grow?

Since 2010 automated sentiment analysis has been a source of debate around the Net with questions like: What is this methodology? How does sentiment analysis work? In what context is it useful for...

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Insights from 140 characters: #Twitter #SentimentAnalysis

Searches about "sentiment analysis" are increasing, particularly related to Twitter. However not all the tools avaliable in the market can face the problem analyzing 140 characters. In this post... Read More

Why can’t your hotel live without reputation management?

 Every business has only one reputation, and in a highly competititve market like the hospitality one, there is just one chance to give a good impression to your clients.

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