How to change your order in 10,000  different ways

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How Synthetic Text can solve your training and evaluation problems for your virtual assistants / chatbots


When shopping online, customers frequently have the need to modify their order: exchanging an item in the basket, deleting something already added…

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Synthetic Training  Data for Chatbots

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What is Training Data?

Training data is the data that is used to train an NLU engine. An NLU engine allows chatbots to understand the intent of user queries.

The training data is enriched by data labeling or data annotation, with information about entities, slots… 

This training process provides the bot with the ability to hold a meaningful conversation with real people.

After the training process, the bot is evaluated to measure the accuracy of the NLU engine. Evaluation identifies errors in the bot behavior and these errors are then fixed by improving training data. This cycle is repeated


When working on AI projects, owning data to nurture your solution is key for good performance.

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