Are booleans the best option to analyze text?

Last week we introduced you a controversial topic: how to achieve higher accuracy while doing text categorization? We explained the two most popular approaches to approach this challenge, namely...

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Text categorization beyond keyword matching

There are different approaches for text categorization, the most popular one is based on keyword matching however here at Bitext we use another approach that has made us unique, and it’s based on...

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Are you happy with your call center? We are here to help!

Text analysis technology has many applications outside from just feedback analysis. Call centers may seem out of date in this period where digital and email marketing are all around. However, in...

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Why can’t your hotel live without reputation management?

 Every business has only one reputation, and in a highly competititve market like the hospitality one, there is just one chance to give a good impression to your clients.

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Second Screen Interaction: Measuring the Success of Offline Campaigns

A recent report from Accenture suggested 87% of people now use a second screen while watching TV to comment not only shows but advertisement.

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