Insights from 140 characters: #Twitter #SentimentAnalysis

Searches about "sentiment analysis" are increasing, particularly related to Twitter. However not all the tools avaliable in the market can face the problem analyzing 140 characters. In this post... Read More

Spanish, Internet's second language

It has been stated by a recently published report (in Spanish) from the Instituto Cervantes: Spanish is a language which is increasingly becoming more important.

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Spanish in Twitter: from 8% to 15%

At Bitext we have been analyzing Twitter for several years now in several projects (among them, our NaturalOpinions Observatory for measuring the online reputation of the most popular Tablet models)....

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Opinion Observatory: extended list of brands

With the addition of Nexus 7 and Surface we have completed an Opinion Observatory about tablets where these products are valued from the point of view of opinions in Twitter.

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